The dog lay for 5 days near the railway tracks, where the train hit her. And people passed by without attention

On Friday, we were told about a dog that had been hit by a train on Monday. We were told by phone that the animal was still lying in the same place near the railroad tracks where the incident had happened. Our volunteers immediately went to pick up the animal. on the spot, they saw that the dog was very injured and froze, because it was cold outside, and she was lying on a piece of old cardboard. The dog was immediately taken to the doctor.

After the examination and x-rays at the veterinarian, we had bad news.There are no guarantees that the dog will survive, even with the most favorable outcome, the dog will remain spinal. It was not only the collision with the train that affected, but also a long stay in the cold without food, water, or the opportunity to go to the toilet. We were advised to euthanize the animal. We ourselves understood that with such diagnoses the dog would need special care, which we could hardly provide.

There are only three curators in our group, each of them has about a dozen of their own animals and many more who need to find owners. In addition, we are engaged in maintaining social networks and compiling financial reports. We wrote about the dog in social networks, while the reaction was extremely negative. We were scolded for the fact that we even thought about euthanasia and did not try to treat.

We were even accused of not yet building a shelter where this animal could have a chance to live. Unfortunately, among the sea of accusations and criticism, there was not a single person with practical advice on where to find the strength, time and money to build this very shelter.

Fortunately, the post attracted the attention of not only those who like to criticize others, but also a volunteer from the capital who decided to help. The man takes care of the spinals and he decided that he would try to help the dog, which we have already named Naomi. We hope that we were not mistaken in refusing to euthanize. Our volunteer, who was with Naomi at the doctor, could not make this decision, because there were still chances that the dog would live.

Now Naomi has a chance for good treatment and proper care. Unfortunately, she will not return to a fulfilling life, but she can still be happy. While the dog’s condition is serious, we hope that in a couple of weeks she will get better and we will be able to send her to the capital for the necessary treatment and rehabilitation.

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