The dog tried to chew through the carrier in which she was thrown onto the road to save herself.

Once, during their motorcycle trip through Arkansas, a son and his father accidentally discovered a strange animal carrier on the roadside. Surprisingly, the carrier had been there for several days, and the top part was chewed through, as if someone inside had desperately tried to escape.

The men decided to investigate and approached the carrier. To their amazement, they found a weak and exhausted dog inside. It seemed like the dog had resigned itself to its terrible fate and curled up in the cramped cage, awaiting its inevitable destiny.

They freed the dog and immediately fed it. The poor dog was terribly hungry, and it devoured the food in an instant.

However, time was running out, and the rescuers needed to return home. They realized that motorcycles weren’t the most convenient way to transport the animal. So, they switched to a car and promptly went back to get their new family member.

Once inside the car, the dog began licking its saviors, expressing gratitude for the rescue. They quickly named him Charlie Bravo.

Upon returning home, Charlie Bravo was warmly welcomed and given a warm bath. During the bathing process, the new owners noticed that the dog had massive overgrown nails, hindering his movement. They decided to take Charlie to a veterinary clinic.

There, they discovered that Charlie was quite young, not even a year old yet. The dreadful ingrown nails indicated that he had been kept in confinement without proper care.

Since the day Charlie Bravo was found in that carrier on the roadside, his life changed. He finally found loving owners and a home where he became a full-fledged family member.

This heartwarming story quickly spread on the internet and touched the hearts of many people. Some even offered financial assistance to help with Charlie’s recovery.

All the funds collected were redirected to a local shelter for homeless dogs. In addition to Charlie, the family also has three other pets they found on the streets.

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