The last surviving elephant struggled in the ocean, 14 km away from the shore, and the sailors did not abandon him to his fate.

On July 11, 2022, while patrolling the coastal waters of Sri Lanka, sailors came across an unusual situation. 14 kilometers away from the shore, they noticed an elephant struggling to stay afloat. Even the most experienced sailors were astonished as they thought they had seen it all in their careers.

The sailors decided to approach closer to investigate the situation. They saw the elephant holding its trunk above the water, desperately trying to survive. It was evident that the animal needed help, so the naval personnel decided to rescue it.

However, it was not an easy task. They called in divers, who used a rope to secure the elephant’s body to their boat. Then they towed the elephant towards the shore, where local zoologists took charge of it.

Specialists believe that the elephant attempted to cross a small water body in the jungle, but the strong current swept it out into the ocean. The reason for why the elephant was taken so far and so quickly from the shore remains unknown. Thanks to the attentiveness of the sailors, the animal was saved from a tragic fate.

Zoologists doubt that the elephant would have been able to return to the shore on its own. This incident serves as yet another testimony to the diverse and amazing encounters that can happen at sea.

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