The oldest supermodel on the planet is a 93-year-old British woman

Daphne Selfe was born in 1929 in Great Britain. She was a charming young girl.

Daphne’s height was 168 centimeters, and she had no parameters 90.60.90. She had feminine shapes that were once considered ideal.

In the 1950s, Daphne was a renowned model. His career began after becoming the winner of a local beauty pageant.

His photos were everywhere, in various advertisements for fashionable clothes, even food. Everyone was admired by her delicious appearance.

But suddenly everything came to an end. She got married, had three babies and left her career.

Her children have grown up and her husband has left this world. Daphne was left alone. She had to earn her living.

One day, the former model was invited to a television show dedicated to early models. So she was 60 years old.

But Daphne was quite lovely for a 60 year old woman. After the show aired, she was asked to pursue modeling again.

Her photos were published on the glossy pages of fashion magazines.

Daphne continues her work until now. She is already 93 years old, but does not stop working.

His images appear in Vogue and other illustrated publications. For each photo shoot, the woman earns more than $1,500.

According to Daphne Selfe, the secret to her longevity and vivacity is an active lifestyle and healthy diet. The elderly model also practices yoga.

May she be safe and sound so she can continue her career!

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