«The puppy fell into the pool and couldn’t get out; there were no people around, but another dog came to the rescue.»

In a private house, an interesting event took place: one of the three playing small Chihuahua puppies fell into a deep pool. The video shows the puppy losing its balance, slipping, and falling into the water.

Given their small size, especially for a puppy of just 3 months old, the chances of getting out of the pool on its own were minimal. In response to their barking, the other Chihuahua puppies tried to get the attention of the owners.

Then, a Pitbull heard the barking and decided to intervene. It immediately jumped into the water, carefully picked up the fallen puppy, and pulled it out of the pool.

After the incident, the owner explained that the Pitbull always keeps a close eye on the puppies.

These dogs show a high level of empathy towards their fellow canines.

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