«The villagers saved a baby elephant from a pit, and soon the entire herd came with gratitude.»

The little elephant turned out to be trapped in a well and couldn’t get out on his own. But thanks to attentive villagers who gathered in the nearby town, he was successfully rescued.

Although this amusing incident gradually became a thing of the past, six months later, a whole herd of elephants appeared on the central square of the town.

On that day, none of the adult animals could help the baby elephant, as the walls of the well were made of soft and sticky clay, hindering his escape. The onlookers observed the herd of elephants, but none of them could come to the rescue.

After discussing the situation with the local residents, the village elder decided to bring an excavator to the outskirts of the jungle. The operator carefully dug a hole in one of the well’s walls, and the little elephant finally managed to free himself, then immediately ran to his adult companions. The entire herd quickly turned around and disappeared among the trees.

Over time, the story of the little elephant faded into the background amidst people’s everyday concerns. So, everyone was pleasantly surprised when, after six months, the herd of elephants returned to the central square of the town.

The elephants raised their trunks upward and expressed clear gratitude to the local residents for the help they had received.

This story serves as evidence that elephants possess an incredible memory and remember people.

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