This is beyond comprehension. The owner never explained why he left the horse in the forest, tied up without food or drink

Quite recently, animal rights activists in Zaporozhye who have seen a lot in their lifetime, were shocked by what happened in Khortitsa. The workers of the reserve of this area noticed that a horse was lying on the ground nearby.

He was tied to a tree, and the rope was rather short. Compassionate people hurried to help the unfortunate animal. The horse was completely exhausted to the point that he could not even get up on his feet.

First of all, the staff of the reserve brought water to the unfortunate and, having drunk, he came to his senses and was able to stand up. No one knows how many days the horse spent in a similar position, however, based on his condition, he was here for a long time.

It is interesting that the owner of the horse nevertheless showed up when this case caused a great resonance and excitement on the Internet. He didn’t begin to explain why he did so, and even repentance for the cruelty done wasn’t noticeable. Animal rights activists were extremely indignant and didn’t stop watching how the life of a horse develops, since it was impossible by law to take away an animal from him.

However, if this happens again, they will already raise this problem to a more serious level by contacting the appropriate authority. Although it is a pity that the unfortunate owner didn’t get what he deserved.

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