«Try to find the big mistake in the picture!»

«Mastering the art of spotting tiny details is a valuable life skill that can give you a significant advantage. Whether you’re walking down the street or lounging on your couch, there’s always a sea of overlooked details and bits of information surrounding you!

Our brains struggle to process everything in our environment, but you can hone your discernment skills by solving the photographic puzzles we’ve presented.

Take a close look at the image above. Your mission is to identify a flaw, a major error that makes the whole scenario implausible, even downright impossible.

In the photo, a man is engrossed in a book, comfortably seated in an armchair.

Wearing sports glasses, he benefits from a well-placed light bulb for optimal reading conditions.

But where is the mistake? Is it with the individual or his surroundings?

Time is ticking, and the time allotted to solve the puzzle is almost up!

Don’t blink, or you might miss your chance to solve the riddle.

Before revealing the correct answer, here’s one last hint: the error you’re looking for is somehow related to this lamp.

Give it another go, and when you’re ready, scroll down to uncover the solution.»

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