Visual challenge: find the hidden kitten in just 12 seconds.

An image that has put many people to the test. The visual test we propose today seems more like an optical illusion that distorts reality and presents a scene that is difficult to understand. If you can figure out where the kitten is hiding, you are true experts and have exceptional vision.

Sharpen your sight and solve the test in 12 seconds

Only a few have solved the visual puzzle we present today. It’s a scene depicting two ladies sitting, apparently drinking a particular syrup. The two women seem alone, but in reality, they have a four-legged friend with them.

Indeed, hidden somewhere is a kitten, but not everyone can actually see it. Can you find it within 12 seconds? Concentrate and observe the image below carefully. Only those with exceptional vision and a brilliant mind will be able to understand where it’s hiding.

Returning to today’s visual challenge, did you manage to find the hidden kitten? The 12 seconds are up, and it’s time to show you the solution. If you solved the test on your own, you can consider yourselves true experts. Many people, in fact, have found various difficulties in this game.

If, however, you didn’t manage to find the mysterious kitten, we’ll reveal where it was hidden now.

Solution: The kitten was on the lady’s head

Here’s the solution to the visual test: the kitten is on the head of the lady on the left.
Not everyone managed to understand that, in fact, the kitten was right on the head of the lady on the left. Indeed, one expected to see it hidden somewhere, but it blended in well at a point that few noticed.

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