Visual test: put yourself to the test and find all the differences between the two images.

Do you think you have excellent vision and can spot all the differences? Thanks to this test, you can find out how good you really are.

Visual tests are a fun way to play and spend some time having fun while also challenging your skills. If you’re convinced you have excellent vision and can notice every detail without any effort, this is the test for you: all you have to do is observe the two images above and find all the differences between them. At first glance, it might seem like a fairly simple test, but you’ll have a time limit to respect, making it a bit more challenging.

Indeed, you’ll need to complete the test within 30 seconds, and I suggest you set a timer so you don’t take more time than expected. Only after the time has expired can you continue reading to find the results of the test and compare them to see if you’ve really found all the differences.

The protagonists of this visual test are a child and the snowman he created and seems to be very proud of because of the smile on his face.

Returning to the test, if the 30 seconds are already up, below you’ll find the list of all the differences:

• The first difference: starting from the snowman, particularly at its face, you can notice that there are 8 buttons making up its smile in the first image, while in the second image there are only 7.

• The second difference: looking down, you can count other larger buttons along the scarf, and just like the first image which has 5, the second one lacks the central one, having only 4.

• The third difference: looking at the branch forming the snowman’s arm, you can see that in the first image, it divides into three parts, but in the second image, two of them are missing.

• The fourth difference: looking at the child this time, you can see that in the first image, there’s a small pendant in front of his scarf, which is not visible in the second image.

And did you manage to find all the differences?

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