Visual test: you only have 10 seconds to spot the hidden animal, if you can do it, you’re a genius.

In the following visual test, you have only 10 seconds to spot the hidden animal. Whoever succeeds is a genius, ready to test yourself?

In the image we showed you, you can clearly see an elephant in the center. But this is not the only animal in the shot. The skill is precisely to identify a second species in a few seconds. Visual tests are loved and considered by people precisely because they challenge the visual abilities and concentration that each of us possesses in certain situations. The frenetic pace to which we are subjected in everyday life, with commitments, deadlines, and stressful situations, leaves little room for relaxation and free time.

However, precisely these sorts of quizzes and riddles are ideal for taking a break and focusing one’s mind on something else for a few seconds, stimulating one’s creativity and distracting oneself from the everyday pressure. A small challenge to do alone, but also with friends and family to see who can guess first.

Elephant visual test, the solution
In the following visual test, all you need to do is find the second animal present in the image, apart from the elephant. All this in just 10 seconds. The person who manages to identify it is truly a genius, because it’s anything but simple.

The solution to the visual test. It wasn’t easy —

In the image, as you can see, an elephant is depicted lifting a trunk with the strength of its trunk, but it is not the only animal drawn, because the second one has camouflaged itself well to avoid being found. The first clue we can give to locate the animal is that it is next to the elephant in the depiction.

The size of the pachyderm is very large, so it’s definitely not a very simple task, but by observing all the details of the photo, you can get there. The advice is to analyze everything you see in the image in detail and more closely, without leaving anything to chance.

Even if it’s not very clear in the photo, you can see the tail of the second animal sticking out right behind the elephant. It is indeed hidden by the bushes and for this reason, very few people manage to find it in 10 seconds. It’s certainly one of the best ways to train your mind and put yourself to the test.

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