Without his beloved, the faithful dog didn’t want to leave the shelter

Katherine Burster and her husband had a beloved dog.But she died and although 9 years had passed since then, the couple didn’t dare to get a new pet, because the pain of loss was still very sharp. Fate decided to dispose differently and change the plans of the family.

On the pages of the social network, Katherine came across a message that one of the shelters in Philadelphia is looking for a home for two pit bulls at once.

Representatives of the organization wrote that the dogs are very close, they behave like a real couple and the dog never leaves his beloved more than a couple of meters. Volunteers have been trying for a long time to find those who want to pick up two dogs at once, but there were no results.

The story on the social media was the last try to keep the dogs together.And if that fails, each of the dogs will be looking for a home. Volunteers have already been contacted by those wishing to pick up the boy, but until the last they didn’t want to separate the couple in love.

Katherine told this story to her husband. For several days the family thought and weighed their decision.In the end they decided to go to the shelter to finally resolve all issues. As soon as they saw the pit bulls, the couple were immediately subdued by them.

After several hours of contact with the animals, the Bursters realized that they would never leave these dogs again.So they immediately completed all the paperwork. On that day, the family returned home with two dogs.

The dogs were named Gus and Nina. The animals immediately felt comfortable in their new home.And they fell in love with their owners at first sight, feeling great gratitude for the chance to stay together.

Katherine says that Nina always supports and reassures Gus.So if the dogs were separated, the dog would very quickly fade away and lose interest in life. Nina, according to the new mistress, is more independent, but she is still more cheerful and active together with Gasomon.

The dogs have lived with the Bursters for a year and have become so dear to them that the couple simply can’t imagine what they would do without their pets. The dogs do everything together and Katherine often films their funny pranks and posts them on social media.

The Bursters gave Gus and Nina a cozy home filled with love and they, in turn, completely turned their lives upside down.

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