A charming picture. The cubs hold hands while waiting for their mother, who went to get food

Some people take wildlife as a frightening and threatening phenomena. In the meantime you can watch in it a lot of charming and touching moments that take the soul.

A talented photographer Lewis Kemper managed to take wonderful shots at the right time in the right place and these shots became so popular that they scattered around the world.

The 62-year-old photographer from California was in Lake Clark National Park when he spotted the touching scene. The two cubs held hands as they watched the mother bear try to find food for them.

“Earlier this month, I was leading a photo tour around Lake Clark in Alaska when I noticed a female and her two cubs waiting for her to return with something to eat,” Lewis said.

Even though they were looking forward to fish for dinner, their mother returned empty-handed. “The two bears held hands for about 20 seconds,” the photographer said.


«They hoped that their mother would bring them lunch, but unfortunately she returned without the fish.» According to wildlife experts, only 10% of bear are successful hunts .

Even though most bears love to eat fish, their diet is mostly based on plants. “While bears love their fish, mostly eat plants and of course a lot of grass” Lewis added.

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