Abandoned puppy politely asks people for food in order to survive

The puppy had to study to survive on the streets and earn his own food.

It is very difficult for animals to survive on the street. Stray dogs can only rely on themselves.They get their own food and water.

They need to find their own shelter from cold and heat. Sometimes their lives are complicated by conflicts with other animals and sometimes by people who sought to drive them out of their way.

This puppy mastered an unusual trick to feed himself.He learned to politely address passers-by, asking them for food. Seeing people the puppy sat on its hind legs and raised its front paws in greeting.

It isn’t known if such politeness helped him get food but it was she who allowed him to find a family. Seeing such a sweet and polite dog, people simply couldn’t pass by and took it with them.

The dog turned out to be a real gentleman.Life on the street not only didn’t embitter him but only his efforts eventually paid off.And allowed him to acquire a family.

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