After traveling 8,000 kilometers to save the dog, they returned it due to a broken computer

Volunteers traveled eight thousand kilometers to save this cute dog that is very similar to a fox. Then in Yakutsk were especially severe frosts, up to 50 degrees below zero, and a short-haired dog simply couldn’t survive in such conditions.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that in Yakutsk generally animals aren’t particularly favorably treated. But they still flew to Lisenok and took him on the next flight.

During the flight, she smiled and was incredibly affectionate and cheerful, and charmed everyone around. The St. Petersburg family immediately expressed a desire to become its owners.

Volunteers were incredibly happy, because it was rarely possible to find owners for strays, especially since Fox was sent to a new home so quickly.

The owners immediately fell in love with her, gave her a new nickname Mira and everything seemed to be fine, but the idyll didn’t last long.

The volunteer decided to call her owner to find out how the dog lives and she said that everything was fine. And a few days later Nadezhda the Mira’s mistress wrote to the volunteer, asking him to find a new family for the pet, as she broke the computer.

The volunteer didn’t understand how a thing could be considered more valuable than a living thing. The dog was returned back, and she was very upset, because she had already managed to get used to the house and in her eyes there was sadness.



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