All night the husky was crying.She couldn’t get up on her feet

On the phone, we were told about a dog that whined all night in a ditch and could not get up. It turned out that this is a young dog, the features of a husky were guessed in the breed. I couldn’t understand how the locals slept peacefully all night under the howls of the animal, there were residential buildings around and their owners clearly had cars.

We adopted the dog and took it to the shelter. There are many wounds on the dog’s body, but worst of all the animal couldn’t stand on its hind legs. The next day, Nice, as we named the dog, went to the doctor.

The dog had an X-ray, which showed that his paws were not damaged, but there was a much more complicated problem two bullets in the spine.Nice had an additional CT scan and a medical consultation was held. In anticipation of the verdict, we tried to believe in the best and overcome anxiety.

Doctors almost unanimously said that Nice would not walk. It was decided to operate on the dog and pull out the bullets, and then determine to live with Kasya, she is a spinal, but this doesn’t prevent her from enjoying every day.

When they did the operation, the veterinarians found other problems. In the genitourinary system was foun a neoplasm, which managed to give metastases.

It is unfortunate that he had to endure so much in his life, each such case brings down an incredible amount of pain on us.

I didn’t manage to write about Nice for several days, he was a cheerful and beautiful dog, he was very memorable, although he stayed with us for a very short time.

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