An elderly dog spends half of the day near the metro, waiting for the end of the working day of his owner

There are no more faithful and devoted creatures on earth than dogs. And this story is another example of touching dog love.

It’s hard to believe, but this dog escorts his beloved owner to the metro station every day and waits until he returns from work. But the working day lasts a lot, exactly half a day.

Just look at this handsome man, whose nickname is translated from Chinese as Bear. The dog is quite elderly, he is already fifteen years old and for 8 of them he lives with his beloved owner Chen who is very hard to part with.

Every day he accompanies him to the metro station and doesn’t leave, he waits for 12 hours. Even if he is very hungry, he doesn’t eat from the hands of others. However, as soon as he sees Cheng getting out of the car, he becomes simply unrecognizable and there is no trace of sadness.

And this meeting is joyful not only for the dog, but also for the owner, because their love is mutual and for the eighth year they have been living soul to soul.

People living nearby and subway employees compare the dog with Hachiko and the analogies are quite similar.

Simply, unlike the sad story with Hachiko, our story has a happy ending, because every day there is a reunion of the dog with his beloved owner.

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