An old emaciated cat could barely move on weakened paws along the road

Once, Svetlana who lives in the city of Izhevsk, stumbled on a strange creature on the road that was incredibly exhausted.

It turned out to be an elderly cat whose condition was so deplorable that he could hardly move his weak paws.

Sveta couldn’t remain indifferent and not help the baby.So she took a couple of photos of the cat, in the hope that at least someone would help him. Responsibility for the purr was taken by the animal rights activist Evgeniya.

She took the cat to the veterinarian and they revealed a whole group of rather serious problems and the cat was prescribed droppers, injections and other procedures. However he didn’t get better.

After all the cat which was named Barsik, due to age and the hardships of street life the body was weak and exhausted. However, the will to live of the glorious old cat was great and therefore he nevertheless began to recover slowly but surely.

He gradually gained weight, became more active and the tests showed a positive trend. It was natural that he wouldn’t become completely healthy but most importantly he survived and could well enjoy life.

Barsik turned out to be cheerful and active,sociable beyond his age, which couldn’t but please the veterinarians and volunteers.

However, it wasn’t very easy to find a home for him.The girl who found him, the same Svetlana, decided to become his mistress.

So, the old cat having gone through so many difficulties found his home.

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