Cool partner. a dog that behaves like a real person.

During the coexistence of people and animals, the latter have learned to notice the peculiarities of human behavior. They copy gestures, facial expressions and even express emotions.

But this huge dog went further.He sits down near the window, like a real passenger, and looks with such an expressive look.

Four-legged colleague


Ever since a French mastiff named Roxy appeared in the life of London courier Nicky Morris, the two have become close friends.

But if at first the friends spent time together when the owner was free from work, then soon the red-haired pet began to accompany Nicky on his trips.

Imposingly resting his shoulder on the edge of the window, the dog leans on it with his whole body, comically stretching his muzzle.

Nicky admits that when he noticed this feature, he couldn’t stop laughing. He was especially amused by the sight of Roxy, It’s so serious and responsible.Since then, the dog and the owner are delivering parcels around the city together.

pet is very kind in his soul, he clearly doesn’t want to joke with her.

The owner admits that Roxy is just an amazing partner. It is never boring with her, and you can also rely on her, leaving any things in the car.

Roxy is a superstar

Of course, the dog’s funny habit didn’t go unnoticed.

Nicky admits that when they drive around the city, everyone around notices them, and when Roxy takes her famous pose, people involuntarily break into a smile.

Residents of London, that at least once were so lucky to have seen a funny couple, say that this is unforgettable.

Now the four-legged courier has his own personal page on Twitter and Instagram that has more than 2000 subscribers.

Nicky constantly uploads new pictures, warming up the interest of subscribers and sharing information about the pet.

Really, new fans in the comments confuse the gender of the dog, and the man has to correct them all the time, explaining that Roxy is actually a girl, not a boy.

Nicky’s colleagues don’t get tired to be surprised by the four-legged passenger who enjoys spending days on end in the car.

The owner always replies that there are a huge number of parks in London, but Roxy just loves her passenger seat and never breaks up with it.

Well, we wish the cool partner to save a working spirit and win a lot of hearts every day!

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