Don’t separate them! Acquaintance of dogs in a shelter turned into a tender friendship

Inthe eyes of the staff of the shelter, a strong friendship between the dogs was born! A pit bull mix and a tiny pinscher mix ended up at a Jackson County shelter in Mississippi.

On July 17, the two met. It turned out that the animals had nothing and no one but each other.

Both pets came to the shelter when they were in very bad condition. The pinscher dog’s name is Susie. The little girl was happy to meet a big and kind dog, because due to demodicosis her fur fell out in places, and the dog was freezing

And what can warm you better than a huge girlfriend that you can climb on top and even take a nap?

The big dog’s name is Charity. She probably acts as a pillow for the pinscher, but she doesn’t care much.

It became clear to the shelter staff that these dogs are very comfortable in each other’s company.

Susie and Charity were treated for fleas, and the babies’ increased nutrition contributed to weight gain. It is amazing that the dogs shared absolutely everything they had with each other.

Soon both dogs were ready to be taken into the family. But this meant that such a strong friendship would have to be broken.

Then one of the volunteers took a few pictures of the dogs, and then posted them on Facebook.

The girl was charmed by the tender friendship that arose between the animals, and sincerely wanted to help the dogs stay together forever.

Fortunately, her idea worked out.

The photo and story about the dogs was seen by a non-profit organization in South Alabama. Her staff took it upon themselves to find a home for Susie and Charity.

The main thing is that no one is going to separate two cute girlfriends! You need to wait a bit until find a person who agrees to shelter with pets.

We are sure that among millions of people for dogs there is the best owner! Good luck, little ones!

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