Everywhere was heard desperate meowing.More than 70 cats and kittens suffered in the basement of the house

The basement of a house in Des Moines, Iowa, must have been untouched for a long time. Otherwise, how could one calmly observe what was happening there? At least when the employees of the organization were there, they were horrified.

In a small room, stray cats and kittens ran everywhere. Many urgently needed medical assistance, and absolutely everyone needed care and nutrition. This was especially important for nursing cats and tiny kittens.

In total, it turned out that there were at least 70 purrs.

“Cats were everywhere, even on the walls. The floors were smeared with excrement, and in some places there was caked blood, as there were sick animals here.

The rescue team found the kittens, which still had an umbilical cord, as well as a purr with deformed legs. Some cats were pregnant, and there were also animals whose health condition was critical.

It wasn’t possible to catch everyone at once, because many pets were too shy. They ran off in different directions.

Unfortunately, the four rescued cats didn’t survive. They were too sick to recover. The rest of the animals had to be urgently quarantined to see if they had any contagious diseases.

Having learned the situation good people decided to support them. They gave the purrs toys and game complexes so that the poor things would not get bored and get better soon.

How did it happen that so many animals were left without food and even in such conditions? There is no answer to this question yet. Volunteers are sure only that such cruelty to animals should be punished.

So they are treating sick cats and helping those who need help. All pets will be sterilized and when they get better, they will certainly find caring owners.

Well, let them all to be lucky!

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