Feathered friend. American Dave managed to make friends with a chicken

If you are kind and open-hearted, not only people, but also animals will surely love you.

Cats and dogs will lie trustingly at your feet and follow on your heels, wherever you are. What’s up, cats. Even a chicken will want to make friends with you.

At least that’s what happened in the life of a simple American named Dave.

Chicken Companion

When Dave buried his beloved dog Kort, he felt very lonely. Friends, who lived side by side for 17 years, understood each other perfectly, often traveled together and always found interesting things to do.

After Kort’s death, the owner realized that he simply needed to have a pet. And suddenly he met Sammy who grew up and became his companion.

“I never thought that a chicken could replace my dog!” he told. “But it is, and we even have something like a dialogue with her.”

Dave admits that he misses his feathered friend when they aren’t together .He takes him on all kind of trips.

«Is this your pet?»

Wherever a funny couple appears, they are immediately surrounded by people and are surprised at such friendship.

But not every day you meet a real chicken in the city center. And if you consider that Sammy is domestic and give herself to be stroked, then there is simply no limit to the surprise of others.

Their adventure began with the fact that the friends went to the beach together. Dave had no one to leave the pet with and he decided to take her with him.

The chicken liked the trip and since then she has kept the owner company where he goes.

The bird feels great in the car, runs happily through the streets and is not at all afraid of the attention that others give it.

Friends even go shopping together, and the feathered favorite sits down in a shopping basket with pleasure.

And Sammy loves the sea and completely isn’t afraid of water!

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