Great Dane named Thunder weighs 95 kilograms

Great Danes are not in vain considered one of the largest breeds of dogs! An 8-year-old dog named Thunder lives in Canada with his owners and can easily compete with them in height.

The growth of his mistress is 153 centimeters, and if the Thunder stands on its hind legs, it will reach the mark of 213 centimeters.

Great Dane named Thunder a very big boy.The dog is 8 years old and now he weighs 95 kilograms.

If Thunder stands on his hind legs, then his height reaches 213 centimeters and his mistress has a height of only 153 centimeters.

According to Grom’s owner, many passers-by cannot believe that he is a dog. Many compare him to a horse.

Thunder attracts attention both on the street and at the veterinary.
But despite its size, the dog is just a darling!!

The hostess think that the dog will not hurt a fly. He is afraid of even small dogs!Thunder gets along well with children and they love him a lot.

According to Jenny, the dog doesn’t fully realize how big he is, so he constantly tries to sit on her lap.

Fortunately, Grom and his owners live in a private house with a plot of 2 hectares, so he has a place to roam.


The big man lives with other dogs, which, against his background, seem like just kids. Still, because next to Thunder everything seems to be getting smaller he is so big))

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