It only took one cup of coffee to save 3 kittens. And the good guy had it just at hand

Can you imagine that it might take a cup of coffee to save someone’s life? No, we are not talking about the benefits of this drink!

Recently, a very unusual story took place, in which appear both a glass of coffee and human indifference .

Early in the morning Canadian Kendall Divish as usual ran for a fragrant drink to cheer up. The guy is an employee at an oil well surveying company. Coffee helps him focus on work. But this time the drink was needed for a completely different purpose.

A young man quite by chance noticed three kittens thrown on a road. Kendal stopped to find out what was the matter, and soon realized that the tails of the pets were frozen to the ice. Because of this, the trio were trapped and unable to move.The guy immediately knew what to do. He poured warm coffee over the kittens’ frozen tails, melting the ice. Actually, the pets instinctively began to lap up the liquid pouring onto the snow, but fortunately they drank quite a bit.

After Kendal used up all the coffee, he gently pulled the kittens up and freed them. None of the babies were scalded or injured during the rescue. The young man took the pets home to warm and feed them.

The guy sypposes that the kittens spent the whole night in the cold, so he made it just in time. Kendal gave the babies anthelmintics and started looking for a home for each of them using social networkings. Very soon, good hands were found for the kids.

The story of saving three kittens with a cup of coffee quickly became viral, and thousands of people thanked the kind guy.

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