Mama elephant teaches her newborn baby how to blow bubbles

Who knew toddlers and baby elephants had so much in common, like playing with water and making bubbles in it! Although the baby elephant was pretty big, it was only two weeks old.

Like any other newborn, this elephant was also trying to learn how to naturally use her body. So the caretakers of the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona, tried to help the baby African elephant enjoy himself.

A large pool of water was placed outside for him to play in.This also helped her understand how to use her trunk effectively. Many visitors had come to see the newborn.

The little one organized quite an exciting show for the visitors who visited the zoo, especially for the children. The little elephant was accompanied by an adult elephant who was drinking water.

However, instead of drinking water like the adult elephant, the little one had her own plans. She simply started to have fun at the moment. It seemed like a bit of an act of rebellion.

Although both the elephants were inside a protected area, it did not matter. Although the adult elephant drank water from the water pool peacefully and from a distance, the baby one had to go close to the water pool to play with it.

The baby elephant got stuck in the fence wire, but it didn’t bother. She just wanted to play with the water and blow bubbles in it like a small kid. She put on quite a show for all the onlookers at the zoo.

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