Missing dog recognizes his owner. Their reunion will bring anyone to tears

This story began eight years ago, when Steve left his two pets to play in the yard, and he went home to do his own thing.

The dogs, meanwhile, managed to climb over the fence and escape. During the day, Steve was looking for his dogs, asking the neighbors for information and, as it turned out, the dogs wandered into the farm with the sheep and he took aim at them.

Conan died immediately, but the second dog, Kavik, ran into the forest. The whole family searched for the dog for several months in a row by all available means, but there were no results.

The owners also shared pictures of the animal on social networks and promised a reward. As Steve assured, Kavik was attached only to him and would hardly have gone to another person at the first call.

Time passed and the chances of finding a dog became less and less. But eight years later, the phone rang. An unfamiliar voice on the phone said that not far from his house he noticed a dog that resembled Kavik, moreover, it was 500 km away from Stevie’s house.

The man immediately left , but, as it turned out, not in vain. Since it was really his favorite dog. Seeing the owner, he threw himself into his arms and those present.

It was his Kavik, emaciated and dirty, but alive.He couldn’t believe his own eyes. The dog will have to be treated at the veterinarian for a long time, but the family is ready to accept any difficulties.

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