On a winter day, volunteers came to save the dog but it turned out that her puppies were hiding from the frost too

There was a lot of snow that day, and it was unsafe and cold to walk the streets. But if people and pets could hide from the weather at home, then a stray dog and her puppies turned out to be unprotected from the winter frost.

The indifferent passer-by although was in a hurry to go home but couldn’t pass by the pipe, from which was heard some kind of squeak. He informed the volunteers about this, and they rushed to help.

There was a dog inside. She peeked out for a moment and then hid. But only for a moment, after which she jumped out to the people. Friendly wagging its tail, the dog circled in front of the volunteers, rejoicing at the meeting. Her gray eyes carefully looked at the volunteer and then the dog turned her head to be stroked.

The volunteers were glad that they had saved the animal, but just in case, they decided to look inside the pipe. They needed to find out if anyone else was there. Their instinct didn’t let them down.

There were three puppies in the pipe. Frightened kids hid from snow and cold.

Volunteers tried to draw them out with the help of a dog, but the crumbs stomped on the spot, refusing to come out. Then the shelter staff brought the dog into the car.

Puppies began to be lured out with food. However, this also didn’t work, so the volunteers stood on both sides of the pipe and one of them carefully shoved the brush inside. In a moment, one of the puppies was pulled out. Finally, all three crumbs were in the hands of a volunteer.

He carried them to the car and put them in the cage, where the mother dog was already sitting. Just in case, the shelter staff also inspected the surroundings to make sure that all the puppies were saved.

After that, the four-legged family ended up in a shelter. Unfortunately, the conditions of detention leave much to be desired, but it’s good that the kids and mother aren’t starving on the street.

When the crumbs grow up, they can be given to good hands. Their mother will also be found an owner who will love her and won’t allow the dog to freeze in the cold.

Well, we wish them all to find a cozy home and kind-hearted owners.

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