Rescue-dog never had a home and the owner decided to change the situation

The sniffer dog, named Benli, is four years old and she had already four owners before finding Katara Taylor.Since the dog had anxiety and other health problems, none of the owners couldn’t handle with it and passed it .But Katarra realized that this animal deserved the right to happiness and this woman’s house became the fifth and last for Bentley.

Bentley behaved very badly and did not want to follow the commands. He was very aggressive and destroyed everything in his path, and also did not trust people. The woman lived in a small apartment, where there was only one bedroom, and the dog was very uncomfortable there.


He also refused a leash. Taylor put a lot of effort to treat the dog’s anxiety, multiple allergies, and make him more calm.

And then the woman was forced to change her residence place and find a new home, which was very difficult, because no one wanted to rent an apartment with such a big dog.

Then she decided to buy a house and bought a townhouse where Bentley would be very comfortable. He had a small fenced-in patio, which would definitely have been to the taste of a dog.Taylor knew that her dog adored the grass and every time he walked he could lie on it and get up with great difficulty. And so she, along with her friend, decided to create ideal conditions for the Bentley: laying the yard with earth and sod, and it was all in the grass.

Bentley was just delighted and now spends all his time on a small lawn. By the way, his character after that also became completely different. So, the patience and love of the mistress could make a capricious and incredulous dog completely different.

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