The abandoned puppy was shaking from the cold in a cardboard box, but did not try to get out..

About three years ago, a very touching story happened in the life of a girl named Anna Yashina. In the middle of winter, she went out , but her plans soon changed.

Anya forgot even for a second where she had just been going when she saw a cardboard box with a girl puppy inside. It was clear that someone had abandoned the baby, as she looked quite clean, but very confused. After the home heat, the pet was very cold. She was shaking in the cold, not getting out of the cardboard box.

The baby did not try to get out of the box, didn’t pester people and didn’t even cry. She couldn’t recover from the betrayal of people and, it seems, even resigned herself to her fate.The dog looked at the people with a longing look. But Anna could not pass by. The girl, despite the fact that there was already one dog in the house, stopped and stroked the frightened animal.

Without thinking twice, she took the pet to her home, deciding that all things could wait.

The girl fed the and then warmed her, wrapping her in a warm blanket. The grateful dog closed its eyes, and then fell asleep tired of the experiences.

Anya thought that she would put the animal in good hands, but nothing came of this venture. Nobody liked the baby, and the girl even rejoiced at this outcome of events because she really wanted to keep the dog.

Pet quickly grew up and turned into a beauty. Last year, proud Anna took her to a dog show called “I am a nobleman”, where her pet took first place.

This is such a wonderful story. The girl does not regret at all that she sheltered a mongrel puppy.

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