The cat works in a flower shop

If you ever find yourself in New York and go to a flower shop, you will surely be attracted not only by exotic orchids and slender palm trees.

Among the colorful myriad of bouquets, you will stumble upon curious cat eyes that will look at you with great interest.

This is a cat named Tom, who is not just in the store,, he is here…WORKING!

Need a cat!

Sari is an accountant in a flower shop in New York. Every day she is surrounded by fragrant flowers and exquisite bouquets.

One day, Sari thought that it would be nice to have a cat in the store — rodents frequented there, and strove to spoil the fragrant goods. She turned to Peter Herrera, who helps put the animals in good hands.

And in the meantime, at the Best Friends Pet Adoption Center where Peter worked, there was an orphaned red cat named Tom.
Once the poor man had a house, but lost it, and since then he lived in cat shelters until he got to Peter.

The idea to offer a smart and cute cat arose in the man’s head right away. «I knew Tom was very friendly and charismatic!» Herrera says. “He always looked with attention and hope at people who came to take a pet, and I immediately decided that he would do!”

So the cute ended up at Sari among the flowers and the stalls!

The accountant gladly adopted Tom and now she cannot get enough of the hardworking cat, and he does his job perfectly!

His task is to give as much positive as possible to everyone around him. Well, at night the main “work” begins for the cat — he catches mice that dare to break the silence of the store.

However, sometimes during the day the cat naps on a shelf in Sary’s office, but don’t blame him for that. The pet fully deserved this rest, because he was on duty all night, not giving the rodents the slightest chance!

Tom is very loved in the store, and since the purr appeared here, the mice have disappeared!

Well, we hope that the charming cat will always be under the supervision of Sary, and maybe one day she will even take him to her home!

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