The children fed the puppy shivering from the cold.He went home after them in the hope that he wouldn’t be driven away

A few days ago, the children of Natalia Makarova returned home from a walk, and not alone, but with a puppy. They met a hungry and poor baby on the street and couldn’t pass by. They hurried to buy food and feed the animal.

And the delighted and grateful puppy, having eaten well, followed the children to their home. “What if they don’t drive out?” — so it was read on his face.

And now the baby has already met the kids mom and dad. Natalya just shook her head, looking at his smooth, but not at all intended for life on the street in frosty fur. Of course, the baby was very cold. Besides, on the body of a skinny puppy numerous wounds were visible, as if from bites.

She bathed the puppy, fed him one more time, and then put him to bed. The first day the poor thing slept all the time. He woke up only to eat, and he ate like rubber.

True, Natasha’s husband is not happy with the puppy. He grumbles, saying that he will soon grow up and eat the whole family. But we all know about the talent of dogs to pick up the key to the human heart.Very soon the man will fall in love with the baby.

Grow big and healthy, baby.

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