The dog from the shelter doesn’t stop howling and doesn’t find a place for himself after separation from his best friend

The animals from the shelter had a difficult past, they do not have permanent, loving owners, and the conditions in the shelter are far from ideal.

These babies cling to anything that will give them confidence and peace of mind, whether it’s a thing or a friend they found in a shelter.

So, these two friends of the former owner handed over to the shelter, asking them to find their owners. The shelter staff had hope that they would still be able to attach them to one house, but this is quite difficult to do.

And the day came when they had to be separated. Unfortunately, for one of their puppies, the owners were found, but the other remained in the shelter.And both were sad without each other.

In the new owner’s house, the dog didn’t live even a few days, as he constantly cried and was returned to the shelter. Fortunately, the separation was short-lived and, soon, the shelter was able to find a man who agreed to take them both.

Call true friends Rocky and Shvabo. From an early age, they grew up together, but, unfortunately, their owner lost his home and handed over to an orphanage, warning that they could not live without each other.

When Rocky was taken away, Schwabbo literally couldn’t find a place for himself from grief, he was a little older than Schwabbo and took care of him like a younger brother, and therefore their reunion was very touching.

After a post on a social networks that told their story, It won the hearts of millions of netizens.To find the owner turned out to be very easy. Fortunately, both dogs now have one owner and they are happy together.

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