The faithful dog did not leave the owner, who lost consciousness and tried to accompany him to the hospital

Jesus Wecham from Argentina was working on his garden.His dog Tony was next to him. The man climbed a tree to cut down branches that were high enough, but, having made a careless movement, he could not maintain his balance and fell down.

The man hit his head in the fall and was knocked unconscious. Jesus’ neighbors saw what happened and immediately called the helpline.
Tony immediately realized that his master was in trouble and could not just wait.The dog decided to help to the best of his ability. The dog was next to the owner, guarding him until the moment the doctors showed up in the yard.

All the time while the ambulance was driving, the dog lay on the man’s chest, warming him. Such behavior is not uncommon for dogs, so when the owner of a Malamute was injured in the mountains, a dog named North warmed a person with the heat of his body for 13 hours.
Jesus did not come to his senses, and the dog lay on his chest all this time, not making any movements, so as not to harm the person. It was as if Tony was watching a man’s heart beat and lungs work.

As soon as the ambulance appeared at the yard, Tony began to bark loudly, showing where his owner was lying and urging the doctors to hurry up, because he himself could not help the owner. When the doctors approached the man, the dog stepped aside so as not to interfere with people doing their work.

Jesus was placed on a stretcher and placed in an ambulance. Tony struggled to get into the car, but the medics told him it was forbidden. The dog immediately calmed down and sat at the gate, waiting for Jesus to return.

Although the fall was extremely unpleasant and the headbutt was strong Jesus was lucky and he was not seriously injured. Doctors helped the man and sent him home.

When Wach arrived at his house, Tony was waiting for him at the gate, who had not moved from his seat all the time that the man had spent in the hospital. The meeting of the dog and his owner was very touching.

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