The fishermen were going after their catch, but suddenly they heard a “cry” that was heard from the pit

Two fishermen went to catch, but that day they had to become participants in the rescue of a frightened dog. It isn’t known whether they caught at least a tiny fish, but there is not the slightest doubt that people did a good deed.

Passing by a deep hole, they heard a plaintive bark. For a minute, people looked down in confusion, trying to see at least something, but, unfortunately, the hole was dark, so visibility was poor.Getting a dog was also out of the question, so people decided to call Montville Police and Montville Animal Control.

Seeing that the situation was serious, the staff contacted the rescue service. After some time, a group of firefighters was already at the scene.By the way, representatives of Montville Police and Montville Animal Control paid for the call and help, which was very kind of them.

Arriving at the indicated place, the firefighters estimated that the pit had a depth of at least four meters.Fortunately, the necessary equipment was with them, so people set to saving the frightened animal, which was barking and whining loudly.

Soon one of the firemen came downstairs. Carefully tying the dog with a special rope, he climbed to the surface with it.

It’s true, the muzzle also had to be covered with a mask, since the emotional pet, out of fear, could not understand that she was being rescued, and simply bite one of the participants in the rescue operation.

Fortunately, everything ended well, and soon the happy dog was already waving its tail, expressing great joy along with gratitude!

The firefighters were also happy, especially because our heroine had owners! They searched for her while the poor «mourned» her fate, sitting in a hole.

The animal is already at home with its owners, but the rescuers decided to close the hole with a large rock.

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