The girl took pity on a homeless kitten with a subcutaneous tick and rushed to save him, risking infecting her cats

Nadezhda Maslova shared this story with us. The girl adores our smaller brothers and simply cannot pass by the unfortunate animals. So it happened this time. Nadya didn’t even stop the fact that five cutes already lived at her house.

One day the girl went to the store. She immediately noticed some small gray kitten. Coming closer, Nadezhda saw a tiny kitten that could barely stand on its paws. She had already seen kittens with a subcutaneous tick before, so she immediately realized that the pet was seriously ill.

She stpped next to the kitten. Leaving him on the street meant signing a death warrant. Take home? But she already has five cats that can get infected from a baby. After some thought, Nadia took the baby home, already considering where exactly she would put him so that other pets would not suffer.

The treatment was long, but the girl did not give up. In the end, they managed to get rid of the tick, and soon was running around the house an absolutely healthy , full of energy and strength kitten. When the baby grew up, she was given the necessary vaccinations, and then sterilized.

Nadezhda sincerely believed that she would find owners for the charming cat, but didN’t succeed in her search. In the end she decided that it was fate, and she left the cat with her that turned out to be happy with the whole family.

This is such a wonderful story.

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