The owners decided that they don’t needed the dog. The pet is frozen with grief, staring at the wall

The world can be saved not by beauty, but by kindness. At the same time, everyone can help in any way they can

It was these caring people who helped the dog named Boston who was no longer needed by his owners.

Boston is lived in Sydney. Animal rights activists stumbled upon him right on the street, where the dog just sat immoviable with sadness in his eyes.

Due to the betrayal of the people he loved so much, Boston began a real depression, because he loved his masters so much and was sure that their love was mutual.

One of the animal rights activists told about this dog. She made a post on the social network about the depressed state of the animal due to the betrayal of the owners.

It turned out that he was only ten months old. Volunteers immediately posted his picture on social networks. The dog just stared at them at the wall and there is such sadness in his eyes that his heart just breaks.

The shelter immediately received a lot of calls asking to take the dog.People came to the orphanage to support Boston.

As well as thousands of words of support and comfort were in the comments, hoping that the puppy will be able to forget all the pain of betrayal and trust people again.

Now the shelter staff is going to find the most suitable owners for the dog so that he doesn’t have to experience this again.

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