The wet, dirty and exhausted cat was shivering from the cold and dragging its hind legs

The hostess Vasya, Evgenia Taratynova, shared the tragic story of his past.

The girl’s husband found Vasily a couple of years ago near the office. The poor fellow was in a terrible state, and many passers-by puckered in disgust, bypassing him. But the man didn’t pass by.

He stopped next to a wet, dirty and shivering cat that somehow didn’t even move. Zhenya’s husband took the animal into his car and turned on the stove.

It took half a day to warm the cat. The man understood that Vasenka would have to fight for his life. A little later, the spouses take the pet to the vet. Fortunately, the doctor treated the family with understanding and did not offer to euthanize the animal.

At that time, Vasily couldn’t eat on his own, and his hind legs didn’t function, so he dragged them along.

But Evgenia and her husband didn’t give up and continued to treat the pet. They were helped by veterinarians, a group of volunteers and, of course, their own efforts to put the cat on its paws. The couple did everything to make the baby healthy again.

Vasenka recovered, turning into a beautiful, well-fed and affectionate cat that sometimes behaves with such impudence and dignity that it seems as if he imagines himself to be an elite purebred pet.

Thanks to the family for helping a sick cat.

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