There was an abandoned wagon near the forest. And next to each other in the container were huddled 9 shaggy kids

This story is about saving 9 little shaggy creatures that ended up in the forest far from the city . Someone called the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA) and told that some man was selling very weak puppies from a van . Specialists went to the place where the car was last seen and found it there.But in what form.

doors open. And right behind the car, in a dumpster under the trees, nine young dogs of all ages and sizes huddled together.

“There was a terrible heat, so all the puppies were suffocating without water, sticking out their tongues, and looked very pathetic,” says one of the inspectors of the society.

The animal rights activist stopped near the nearest veterinary clinic and asked for urgent help for the cubs.

After that, the inspector took the foundlings to the RSPCA branch , to the Blackberry Farm Animal Center. There the volunteers were immediately concerned about the health of the newcomers, as they were lethargic and suffered from diarrhea. Farm workers wereN’t sure that the kids would last even a day.

However all the crumbs miraculously recovered and after a few weeks were ready to look for good hands.

The dogs were named Agnes, Barbara, Cheryl, Davina, Denise, Jerry, Jim, Joey and Norman. Today, each of them already lives in a new house.

“Our Jim brings a lot of joy to the family,” says the dog’s mother, Gloria. «He’s just a big teddy bear with such an infectious laugh»

Although the puppies live in different places, they will soon come together again for a promotion organized by the RSPCA. The pets have already become local celebrities and have even starred in the TV show The Dog Rescuers.

How wonderful that these puppies were found in time! After all, otherwise the abandoned van and dumpster could be their last place on earth.

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