This dog has survived the cruelty of people. And now she became a star, despite the consequences

This charming Instagram star’s story began with the pain and cruelty of people.

At the time a poor dog lived with negligent owners who treated their pet very badly.

The fact that now baby Toast always walks with his tongue hanging out is the result of human actions.

They hurt and mocked the animal, but did the pet deserve it all?

It is good that very soon a new family appeared in his life, which cured Toast of all wounds.Both external and internal.

In 2015, he even became the face of an advertising campaign for the Karen Walker brand!

In addition, Toast also has a personal page on Instagram, where about 377 thousand people subscribe to him!
Everyone just loves this funny and cute pet.The owners often post photos from his life.

They love to dress in stylish outfits.

And they just share this happy face with others.

It is a pity that little Toast had to go through that terrible time.But the most important thing is that now he is healthy, happy and known to the whole world.

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