This is incredibly touching: the reunion of the elephants after 12 years of separation

It is unlikely that you will be able to contain your emotions when you see this scene. Just look how the old elephant is reunited with her daughter and granddaughter after they were apart for 12 years.

The initiative to reunite the elephants was taken by the employees of the German zoo Halle and it shows us to what extent these animals are capable of deep affection.

The 41-year-old old elephant named Pori and her 19-year-old daughter Tana finally met. But they had not seen each other for about 12 years, but they immediately recognized each other and their tender feelings did not go anywhere.

It was a very exciting moment for the adult elephant, as she met her grandchildren for the first time: four-year-old Tamik and  one-year-old Elani.

After the mother and daughter met and greeted each other with their trunks, the young elephant decided to submit her cubs to the mother. And their meeting shows that they have known each other for a very long time.

Pori was born in 1981 in Zimbabwe and brought to a zoo in Germany at the age of two, then she lived at the Magdeburg Zoo until 1997.

But then she was transferred to another zoo and Tana, who was born in 2001, was her first cub. Elephants are incredibly social animals and dominant females, unlike males, remain in the herd until the end of their lives and are very attached to their offspring.

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