Tiny puppy chasing the police officer and begging him to take him with him

Two policemen took the puppy from the street, so the kid immediately stopped being afraid. He knew that he was now under protection.

Mercado and Tavera work as patrolmen in Los Angeles. The site they are in charge of is not far from Hollywood.

The partners went on duty and while patrolling the streets met a small puppy. The kid was left just on the street, he was all alone. The dog was still too small to take care of itself.

Noticing the police, the puppy followed them. The animal seemed to feel that the representatives of the law wouldn’t hurt him. Having caught up with the men, the puppy began to whine plaintively, trying to attract the attention of people.

The police not only noticed the puppy, but immediately realized that they could not leave such an adorable one on the street. A few minutes later the puppy was already sitting in the patrol car and looked around with curiosity.

The animal immediately realized that it was safe with these people, so it did not hesitate to show the men its appreciation and gratitude.

Arriving at the station, the police fed the baby and also gave him a name Hobart, because it was on the street with that name that they met the dog.

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