True love. Faithful dog refused to leave his mistress and thus saved her life

Dogs, without a doubt, are distinguished by their special loyalty, and this picture, which has scattered all over the network, is another proof of this. The footage shows a service dog refusing to leave its owner’s hospital room.

Shauna Darcy got a dog because she struggled with anxiety and, as it turned out, made the right decision.

She and Ruby fell in love at first sight. In doing so, the adorable doggy has become more than a service dog, she has become a true friend.

Shona later shared that during her training as a service dog, she began to notice her heart rate picking up and making her laugh.

She is a real guardian angel of her mistress and doesn’t leave her for a second. When Shona passes out, the pet lies on top of her, licking her hands and face until the woman recovers.

And a few days ago, Ruby saved her owner’s life. Shauna felt healthy, but Ruby was anxious and made it clear that something was wrong.

Shona trusted her dog and called an ambulance in advance, it turned out that problems with her heart soon began, at first she was in pain, and then she lost consciousness.

When she was hospitalized, Ruby barked so desperately that the ambulance staff couldn’t help but take her to the hospital and the doctors are sure that Shauna owes her life to her faithful dog.

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