What position does your cat sleep in and what does it mean?

Do you always understand your cats? We have been living side by side with cats for millennia, but we cannot always explain certain actions of an animal.

So, for example, your cat during sleep takes different intricate poses. What does this mean and does it mean at all? This article will help you get to know your furry friend a little better.

What does say your cat’s sleeping position ?

1. If she curled up

Cats sleep in this position most often. So the animal tries to keep warm and hide the most vital organs from the attack of the enemy. If your pet has nothing to be afraid of, then it means that he is cold.

2. If the cat fell asleep in a cardboard box

This means that the animal doesn’t feel safe or just wants peace.

3. If the pet sleeps on its back, and the paws lift up

From the outside, it looks very cute and many owners like to take pictures of a cat that fell asleep in this position. What does it mean? This is a sign that cat completely trusts you and feels safe next to you.

4. If the cat hides its paws under itself

Taking this position, when the paws are hidden under the body, the cat becomes like a cloud. This means that your pet doesn’t plan to sleep soundly, and just wants to take a break.

5. If she sleeps on her side

The animal is very comfortable in this position. A cat can sleep for a long time. Usually, sleeping on your side means that your pet will not wake up soon and you should not wake him up. Maybe he even sees dreams.

6. Cat covers its muzzle with its paw

Sometimes a cat can throw its front paw on its face, as if enclosing itself from the outside world. If your pet does this, then perhaps he doesn’t like the bright light in the room or he just wants to lie quietly for a while.

7. The cat sleeps in a strange position

It looks like your animal is broken. If a cat takes strange and physiologically inexplicable positions during sleep that seem unnatural to you, then it means that she is bored and wants to have some fun.

How often does your cat sleep?

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