A 98-year-old woman from Kentucky, who has over 230 great-great-grandchildren, meets her great-great-great-grandchild for the first time in an astonishing photo featuring 6 generations.
This 98-year-old matriarch was finally able to meet her first great-great-great-grandchild in her large Kentucky family. Last February, MaeDell Taylor Hawkins held Zhavia Whitaker for the first time,
The cat that lost her kittens became a mother to lonely puppies: she nursed them and cared for them.
After being cast out onto the street following the birth of her kittens, a cat named Katya experienced a tragedy: all her little ones died, despite the efforts
Exhausted German Shepherd has no strength to move on: park ranger carries him
This summer was hot. It doesn’t matter you are a human or animal, all of the living beings felt the unpleasant heat. While people can turn on air-conditioners
«A puppy with a tail on its forehead ended up in the shelter, and no one wanted to adopt him into a family because of it.»
«In a small animal shelter on the outskirts of town, life went on as usual. Dogs and cats were waiting for the day they would be taken to
«A smile never left the little kitten’s face: he really wanted to find a family and leave the shelter.»
Since his owner adopted him from the shelter, Ray, the ginger fluffy kitten, never seems to stop radiating joy. His enthusiasm for life in his new home appears
Heartbreaking news about Sofia Vergara confirms what we all feared
Heartbreaking news about actress Sofia Vergara confirms what we all feared.Modern Family star Sofia Vergara celebrated her 51st birthday recently, and as much as her fans were happy
80-year-old man brings his wife breakfast in the nursing home every morning
Sometimes in life we meet someone and know right away that they are the one we want to spend the rest of time with. While on this journey
«The abandoned puppy looked like a mummy. Love and care transformed him.»
«The poor animal bore little resemblance to a dog. Experienced shelter workers couldn’t help but shed tears. A puppy named Blondi arrived at the Maricopa County Animal Care
«Friendship between families: in a Belgian zoo, a family of orangutans forms a friendship with a family of otters.»
While in the world, some people argue with their neighbors over land, noisy dogs, or trash bins, wild animals, on the contrary, learn to live in peace and
A traveler accidentally discovered a skinny dog on the island and took it with him
Arthur, a young traveler, making a canoe trip one Sunday morning to spend his leisure time and take some good pictures, saw an obstacle on his way in
«Very rare case! Labrador dog gave birth to an incredible 10 puppies of different colors.»
«There are three color types in Labrador Retriever dogs. They are either chocolate, yellow, or black. It’s almost never the case that a mother dog has puppies of
Lost baby elephant cuddles with a lovely ostrich at orphanage comforting each other on the loss of mothers
It has become an ordinary phenomenon to witness how animals of different species make friends. Yes, sometimes their life conditions and losing their families bring them to new
«I can’t do it any other way»: decided to sell the car to save his dog friend.
Randy Ester and his dog, nicknamed Twins, were inseparable companions for two years. Their relationship began when Randy adopted a two-month-old puppy into his home. But this friendship
The owners left the dog, and he fell into depression, refusing to eat. A mouse came to the rescue.
Osiris is a Dutch Shepherd, while Riff is a common rat. The owner of this unusual pair of animals became a rescuer for the rat when it was
The boy risked his life to save a fawn during a flood.
Recently, an unprecedented event occurred in the Republic of Bangladesh. Due to prolonged heavy rains, the city of Noakhali found itself under severe flooding, and people along with

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