The kitten’s hind legs do not move: a 9-year-old boy figured out what to do and helped her
The boy named Joao is 9 years old. The child found out that his neighbors cat had recently become a mother and asked permission to look at her
A man took a skinny bald dog from the street: how she has changed
This meeting became fateful, but at that moment it was not clear whether it would be possible to save the animal at all. Riko Soegirato went to work,
A family saved a squirrel after being attacked by an owl and now the squirrel constantly comes to thank them
Spouses Brantly and John found little squirrels, one of which was injured. The family took them home and nursed and fattened them for several months. Rodents are very
The dog ended up on an ice floe, and she began to disperse under his paws: there was little time left
The dog decided to use the ice to cross the bay, but when he stepped on the frozen water, he could only get ashore with the help of
The dog ran into the forest, and returned with a friend – a fox, and now they are inseparable. How is this possible?
Torgeir Berg is a photographer from Norway. One day the man went for a walk with Tinny, his dog. The dog was very active that day and soon
Brave doggy rescued the five orphaned kittens and took care of them, founding them from the street in a cold night
There are many stories about the brave and heroic gestures of cleverest and loyalest pets. So, this is another evidence, that the dogs are the best loving and
Pallas’s kitten, born in a railway carriage, was adopted by people, and he grew up in a human family
Now she lives somewhere in the forest and does not go out to the person. Sometimes the fate of wild animals develops in such a way that they
This kind restaurateur offers a free meal to any stray dog who visits him
Un soir, il y a cinq ans, le restaurant de Gerardo Ortiz, à Ajilalo, au Pérou, a eu un client inattendu : un chien errant aux yeux affamés.
Chipper, the dog whose mission is to collect plastic
Here is Chipper, an 8-year-old dog, who is on a mission to collect plastic. In the Arizona wilderness, this very good boy is doing his part to save
They chose to renovate and live in this old bus with their dog
As you can see, almost everything has become more expensive today due to many situations that prevail in the world. And it is more difficult for those who
They took a little, furry kitten, and a year later he turned into a “house lion”
This family has long dreamed of having a cat. But constantly some life circumstances prevented them from fulfilling their dream. And then one day such a tiny and
Her tears melted in the muddy water. A dog with a broken leg fell into the gutter but soon she got rescued
This unfortunate dog has suffered all her life… She lived on the streets of a small town in India. The life of the pet was not much different
Homeless dog adopted by gas station saves them during armed robbery
Dogs never stop proving that they are man’s best friend, like this rescue dog that saved its owner’s business from thieves. Two years ago, a stray dog was
Abandoned dog waited 5 days in the snow for the return of his family
Dogs love people more than we ever imagined. They are so loyal that whenever people betray them, they always fail to understand what happened, even when the situation
An officer of the law adopts a wounded dog he rescued while on duty.
Officer Matthew O’Hanlon of the Mount Laurel Police Department in New Jersey told ‘Good Morning America’ that he took in a puppy after finding him and his co-workers

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