12 years old boy rescued the puppy

Tatyana Barmatova told a very amazing story about the oy who rescued the little puppy.

People first Saw the boy and the puppy in Chaykovski street and decided to go there to feed them.It was known that the dog gave a birth to four puppied .In the flood she lost the two and now only the one was with her.Nobody knows anything aout the one.

One day when Tatyana went to feed them she saw the puppy who wanted to survive and then the boys came to help the woman to save them  An aid came from the very unexpected plase .The boy came without dress and shoes to save them .Boys mane was Sasha .After all this Sasha was the hero of the story.The National Cnter of Youth work gave him an avard and wrote about the boy everywhere.

But it is very good that a boy did not see anything special in his doing.

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