2 orphaned kittens made friends in a shelter and decided never to be separated again

Orphaned and siblingless kittens usually suffer from loneliness.A ball of wool that came to the shelter with stunted growth was able to show resilience and find a helper for life.

Shinko, aka Chichi, had a difficult start in life. Luckily, a good Samaritan took her to the Murphy Animal Rescue Center in North Carolina, USA. When she arrived, Cici was very tiny. His stunted growth was due to poor nutrition and manifested itself in a precarious balance.

The kitten immediately felt safe with her adoptive mother.

Indeed, Chichi was finally able to enjoy a warm and caring environment that would allow her to get back on her feet.Every time Sarah entered the room with a bottle in her hand, little Chichi would meow.

However, Cici still felt quite alone.

As soon as Chichi was out of isolation and back in shape, Sarah allowed her to meet other cats from the shelter.Among the gang was a kitten named Gaia.Cici elected her as her mentor. So she slowly approached and clung to Gaia, who was dozing as if they had always known each other.

Gaia and Cici thus became inseparable. The two kittens made an amazing duo among all the babies in the shelter. “She instantly bonded with Gaia! They were snuggling and playing together constantly,” confirmed Sarah.

«We couldn’t be happier that they found the perfect owners and a forever home. These 2 girls are as adorable as their future is bright,” said Sarah.

So Gaia and Chichi went on new adventures together.A happy ending that warms the heart.

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