A cross-eyed cat with a constantly sad expression just wants a new home

Some animals are born with unique looks, but that’s just what makes them special. They just need to find the right person who will love them for who they are.

Like one cat whose cross-eyed eyes give him a permanently sad expression, but what will finally make him happy is finding a new home forever.

Benjamin Franklin is a 5 year old neutered tabby who came to us after a death in the family. We know he was very close…

Ben Franklin arrived at the Humane Society in Connecticut last June after the death of his elderly owner.

The shelter staff immediately noticed his very unusual appearance — a squint, giving him a frozen, sad, slightly bewildered expression.

“We noticed his crossed eyes right away and thought they were so cute,” shelter staff member Crystal told. “Ben has seen our vet, and there was no concern about his eyes.”

While sometimes animals who look different can have trouble getting adopted, the shelter says Ben Franklin has a harder time less because of his looks and more because of his timid nature.

He was not as playful as many other cats, perhaps because he still feels affection for his deceased owner.

Although no one has yet been found, the Humane Society hopes that there will be someone who will love him for who he is and will find time for his personality to emerge in a peaceful environment.

We hope that Benjamin Franklin finally finds a home soon.. There must be someone to make this «sad» cat very happy!

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