A deer heroically saves a rabbit from a hawk, it’s still unclear why he helped the rabbit

Chris Miller, who works at Nordic Mountain Park in Wisconsin, was trimming trees and at one point found a dead red-tailed beetle on the ground with multiple injury marks.

The park is under video surveillance, and the man decided to find out the reason for the bird’s death with video footage.An amazing sight appeared before him.
Saric had caught a small rabbit and was going to eat it.The victim made high-pitched sounds, which were echoed by a white-tailed deer running by.
He suddenly changed the direction of movement, fearlessly attacked the predator and began to kick and bite him.

The bird loosened its grip and the rabbit managed to escape, but the deer continued to injure the bird until it lost the ability to resist.After that, the deer joined his friends and went to the forest.

A member of the falcon family, the red-tailed hawk can grow up to 65 cm.It is a very successful hunter, whose diet includes up to 500 species of prey, from invertebrates to small mammals and other birds.

Grabbing the victim with his paws, he presses on him.Maybe he could push the deer back or at least hurt him, but for the predator, the effect of surprise has become an advantage.

The reasons why the deer rushed to protect the rabbit are not known exactly, but most likely the squeal of the small animal was similar to the call of a deer in trouble, and the instinct to protect the cubs worked in adults.

Deer, although they look beautiful, but in a state of fury can be very dangerous and even capable of attacking people.

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