A friend in need is a friend indeed .The cat helped the dog and they became good and unsepearable friends

It happened so that the cat  Lill and the dog    Chikky  had been given to the shelter at the same time.

The cat was very active and very healthy but the dog had a lot of problems with the health.The dog had a high temperature and a law dibetes that is why  he needed a very serious care .But there was no results and nobody knew what was the problem.That is why one of the doctors took the dog to an active Kitty and it was the best tipe of cure.The dog started being better then ever.The activeness of the cat was the best remady for the dg .Now you can  not recognize   the dog as he is so healthy and happy .He lives with the real care and friendship with the active and good friend.It is a very good telling «A friend in need is a friend indeed»

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