A handicapped cow and a huge turtle made the most unique friendship: they are just adorable

Everyone can face different problems during their lives.

However, everything is possible to overcome when you have true and loyal friends.

Just like the special company of Simon and Leonardo.

They simply amazed everyone with their sweetest relationship.

The cute calf and the giant turtle made an incredible duo, after getting rid of their former hard and complicated lives.

They found each other sharing their joyful days in peace and harmony.

Simon got a disease when he was very young, and because of this, he had to lose one of his legs.

Then, Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand saved him and took care of him by implanting him with a prosthetic leg.

After that, he was allowed to stay in the animal sanctuary, living in a large enclosure.

Though Simon went through a painful period and lost his foot, he wouldn’t expect that very soon he gained a close friend.

After some time, Leonardo, an African-spurred turtle was transported into the sanctuary.

It turned out that the zoo where he used to live didn’t exist anymore.

So, one nice day these two met each other and found out that life with together was happier and more comfortable.

Soon, the staff too discovered their unusual yet beautiful friendship.

It’s just incredible!

As WFFT stated, the unique relationship between two different spices was blossoming day by day.

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